Yawen and Yongzheng. Luohe, Henan, China

Yawen and his brother playing Xiangqi (Chinese Chess).

“In our city almost all shops are open now, even the cinema and the swimming pool. It has been 14 consecutive days that there is no new infection. High school will reopen next week. To take the subway we must register personal data in an application. People are not allowed to use public transport without masks. Some staff members observe if you have a mask and help to record contact information for elders who cannot use the phone. The same goes for taxis. Although it’s a little problematic, when an infection occurs, China can quickly act to help people control and prevent. People cannot enter public places, such as banks and supermarkets, without masks. Now people are a little more relaxed about personal protection, but the government still gives great importance to it. It is precisely because of the government’s emphasis on public health security that our situation has slowly stabilized. I believe that Italy has rigorously passed Prevention and control, the situation will get better and better. I studied in Bergamo and I am very sad to see the situation, so I and three of my friends have started a fundraiser, many Chinese friends have helped and donated thousands of masks to two hospitals in Bergamo. Everything was sent to the hospital on 20/04, they sent us a thank you letter and we were very happy to help them. Come on Italy! Come on China! “