Wangtao, Qianjin, Tutu and Xiao. Chongqing City, China

The family is in the city’s countryside area, at Qianjin’s grandmother’s house. “Every winter, we stay in the Chongli (the city of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, 3 hours from Beijing), resort area of a small town. This year, in January, when we first arrived in the resort area, the epidemic started so the snow resort was closed. There is a lot of snow this year. We didn’t return to Beijing, so we stayed in the resort area as there are few people and it was definitely safer than Beijing. In March, the situation in the country began to improve, and people in the ski resorts started skiing again. We were very happy and skied for more than a month until the ski resort closed in mid-April. Yet, if we decided to go back to Beijing we would have had to spend 14 days in isolation, and primary school students in Beijing couldn’t even go back to school, so we decided to drive 2,000 kilometers to my wife’s home town, Chongqing. In Chongqing, you don’t have to be isolated, you just have to wear a mask down the streets. Although we already know that there is no more Covid-19 in town, everyone wears a mask. The Chinese are very obedient, although people don’t have to wear masks to eat in restaurants. China eventually defeated Covid-19. What made us defeat Covid-19? Is it science, power, or command? My family and I are waiting for the day when China goes back to normality”.