Vincenzo. Minsk, Belarus

Vincenzo has been living in Belarus for three years, he teaches Italian language and culture at the Minsk State Linguistic University.

“There is no lockdown here, however a large part of the population has decided to isolate themselves. The football championship has not been stopped and the president said that the virus has to be fought working, going out, through activity and that you do risk getting sick precisely by staying at home. He had also said to wash hands with vodka and drink daily 150 ml of it, but not at work. There is no lockdown because the economy is extremely fragile and so many businesses, especially restaurants and bars, already had to close. I’ve not been to bars and boxing trainings for a month, now. From this week, half of the lessons are being held online, the universities are still open. I spend most of my time at home teaching my students via Skype. I bought a guitar and downloaded Tinder, so I invite girls directly to my place, but not all of them accept my invitation. Yet, at the beginning of April a fire has spread in the area adjacent to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and to be honest, this is even more frightening.”