Veronica.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

She’s a 34 Italian who’s been living in Amsterdam for 3 years and a half. Working in the cultural sector (photography). “It is still strange and confusing here; The Netherlands adopted the policy of “flattening the curve” so they are putting in place a series of “good” behavioral rules to follow in order to prevent the collapse of the health care system. Only recently a stricter protocol has been released but I wouldn’t say it is a real lockdown. I personally find very confusing this way of dealing with the situation. Also because on the other side I receive the news from my Italian family and friends- on a super strict lockdown for weeks. I have been on self isolation for 2 weeks and 4 days and I am lucky enough I can keep on working remotely and that my project is still running. A large part of the cultural sector in this country (as in many others) is run by freelancers and so many have lost their jobs so far. In this particular circumstances, it became even more clear that we cannot stay without culture and that it can improve our daily life and make it better.” Shot via screenshot through her webcam.