Tullia. London, UK

“Lockdown” in the UK officially started on March 23rd, but I have been working and staying at home since Sunday 15th. Although I greatly miss my family back in Italy and my friends, I am very grateful and fully aware of how lucky I am, being able to continue working and staying at home”.
The lockdown was announced by PM Boris Johnson on March 23rd, after criticism to the government’s previous “light approach”, aimed at only slowing the spread of the virus and achieving herd immunity. 
In a letter sent to every household, the Prime Minister – who tested positive to COVID-19 – urged people to “stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives” and stated that “we know things will get worse before they get better. But we are making the right preparations”.
The Brits generally have an almost religious relationship of support and respect towards the NHS (National Health Service); however years of financial cuts have left it understaffed and underequipped – according to some studies, currently the UK has fewer available hospital beds (including intensive care beds) per population than countries like Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey.
The government has now said they will set aside emergency funds for the NHS, and provide it with “whatever it needs to get through the COVID-19 emergency”.