Thomas, Bianca and Sabina. Montreuil, France

Sabina is Italian and smart-works. Thomas is a French freelance video-maker. They have been on lockdown since March 15th: “Here in Montreuil, where we live, the vibe is weird. We are almost 110 thousand inhabitants from different ethnic groups. We try and go out as little as possible: painting, smart-working, guitar, excercise… Those actions fill our days. Small moments but extremely important because without a “military” rhythm, when you have sons, it’s impossible to manage peacefully the time. Me, I feel lucky. Through my work, I can adhere to many different initiatives  and that gives me the opportunity to keep a social bond besides friend and family, whom of course we get to see many times a day through the screen. Macron doesn’t talk much, but maybe it’s better this way. There isn’t much to say at the moment. But when he will have to say important things – after, THEN – we’ll be waiting for him “au pied levé”, as we say here in France.