Syeda Sharmin Mridula, Mrs. Rozi, Syeda Shaznin Mithila, Mashriq Arad Rahman and MD. Monirul Islam. Dhaka, Bangladesh

“Me and my family have been at home in quarantine since March 26th. My husband MD. Ashiq Rahman is currently living in Japan. Bangladesh is a large and heavily densely populated country, we have an estimated population of 164.69 million. So we have a possibility of highly getting infected with COVID-19. We have started fighting against this cruel situation. The quarantine will come to an end on 26th April as per the government notice. Quarantine has both good and bad sides for our country. The good side is by maintaining social distances we can lessen the number of infected and dead people. Being in a quarantine means staying home so family members get more time to spend together. But as a developing country with a huge population where 24.3% people live below nation poverty line almost 1 people in 4 is poor. For the poor people staying at home is tough as most of they are day lobours. They don’t have any much money to run their families in a long time staying jobless. In the end we are hoping for the best to get rid of this hard time”