Sofia. Stockholm, Sweden

“In Stockholm, Sweden there has not yet been any official lockdown. The official line is to try to keep things going as usual. Only with cleaner hands and more room around us. Some friends call us crazy, some inspiring. I haven´t got a clue. Time will tell.  I am an artist and architect. I have been home from my work at the architect office for one month now, two weeks with kids and two without.  Tomorrow I will go back to the office, although the virus is spreading more than ever. The government urges people to stay home, but each company can decide for them selfes.  The time at home has been full of creative outbursts, with children and without. Mask-makings, linoleum printing, online dancehall classes, book circles in feminist marxist literature and tutorials in all kinds of matters. The time at home has been challenging but fun. And really really productive. But most of all it has been a time of gratitude toward the things we have, and the love and power within us”.