Sofia. Armenia, Colombia.

“I am Sofia Uribe de Botero, I am 88 years old, I live in Armenia, Quindio, Colombia, in the coffee area. I am spending the quarantine in the farm/estate of a daughter, Siberia, a very nice place because it is a hotel house for people who want to try rural experiences, coffee is grown here and we are currently harvesting with five workers; everyone lives on the farm and only one goes to town to shop at the market. It is my first pandemic, however, in 1949, with the death of Jose Eliecer Gaitán, violence broke out in Colombia; all my family, my mother, my father, my brothers – either married or single – we all fled violence by leaving a city named Pijao in Armenia. There were about 40 of us, confined to an uncle’s house. We have already experienced difficult situations in the past and I know that, with the help of God, we’ll get out of it.”