Robert. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

“I have been confined to my home for 5 weeks, fortunately I can work remotely, even as a paleontologist in a natural history museum. I take this opportunity to write and correct articles with colleagues scattered almost everywhere, they are in confinement too. In Luxembourg we are lucky, the lockdown is real and the government reacted quickly and took the right measures. We are free to move, alone or with the family, and I take this opportunity to go out every day for a long walk, a run or a bike ride in the woods and natural spaces that are not lacking here. Many foreign residents, in Luxembourg city they are the 70%, think that the measures are not enough, especially Chinese and Italian, but in my opinion the population is very disciplined and the significant drop in new cases gives reason to the government’s not too authoritarian line. It is also true that it is easier to manage a country of only 600,000 inhabitants than a large nation, and also for this I have never been grateful as at this moment to be a citizen of this small country where united Europe has always been built small. “