Rico and Nina. São Paulo, Brazil

Rico is a graphic designer and a teacher. His daughter Nina just finished the University with a degree in fine-art and works remotely for an art gallery. They both live in Sao Paulo.  Nina is spending the lockout between his father’s place and her mother. “In lockdown since mid March, besides the Covid’s threat, in Brazil we have to face a very unstable and dangerous situation forced by an authoritarian, far-right President that disrespects all the quarantine recommendations despite the uncontrollable growth of infected people and hundreds of daily deaths. Facing this catastrophic scenario and trying to fight against it we must look at ourselves as part of a privileged minority and be thankful for having a home to stay in, from where we can work and have access to information that enables us to keep an open eye on our horizon, being supportive and in touch with the rest of the world during this period of mandatory confinement”.