Maria Chiara, Juru and Marie Christine. Grottaferrata (Rome), Italy.

“Three people who compose a piece of a family divided into different parts of Italy: we represent three ways of living the quarantine imposed because of the global pandemic. Marie Christine – my mother – continues to work, supporting a nice old couple that perhaps on their own would never have been able to deal with such situation, Maria Chiara – my sister – smart-works from home and she’s in totally new working dynamic and I, Juru, at home, in layoffs spending a lot of efforts in filling my days. Here in Grottafferata the contagion of numerous nuns in a convent has awakened a latent fear, yet – despite this – it is clear that this is a particular moment for everyone, everything seems to have stopped, uncertainty about the near future is a common feeling, but at the same time no one is giving up, and we are all trying to get the best out of what we are experiencing. “