Alberto and Luis. Pucallpa, Ucayali, Peru

“After 13 years I was able to return to my home country excited to meet my family and friends. I decided to go on a tourist trip with my father to the Peruvian Amazon, where unfortunately the government declared a state of emergency. We are currently in a hotel and almost 2 months have passed since the start of the quarantine, during this period I unfortunately lost a good childhood friend due to this virus, being the first case in the city where I lived, many people  hypothesized and blamed me as the carrier of the virus since I came from Europe. I decided to take the test for covid-19 and waiting for the results many things went through my mind, if I was the one with the virus and if there was the possibility of having infected my friend, luckily the test result was negative and my mind has found peace. Now we are just waiting for this quarantine to end and to be able to say goodbye to my family and friends, in particular to say goodbye to my friend at the cemetery and to be able to return to Italy to return to my house to live with what the governments allow us. What I can save from this period that I have lived is the time with my Father and make up for these 13 years in which we have not seen each other and redeeming these lost years”.