Licia and Elo. Viterbo, Italy

Nonna Licia, 90 years old, and Elo, her grandson have been in isolation since March 1st, when they voluntarily decided to apply the precautions of the rest homes to protect Licia. Thanks to these attentions, the fact they are together and that they have a small garden, allow them to live this moment with serenity and a deep gratitude.

“Despite being at risk, I am not worried. In almost a century I have lived many things, among wars and crises, but never faced one in a time of well-being and progress. Strength and courage, evil is passing through! ” says Licia.

“Thanks to my grandmother I learned how to appreciate the luck of always having food on the table, and what she calls the “magic black mirror”, thanks to which we can always be in contact with the world and our loved ones. This awareness –  and living day by day – helps me not to lose positivity. ”Elo continues.

Grandmother Licia is Italy’s oldest influencer. Elo works in digital marketing.