Kriz. Yangon, Myanmar

“We have been in quarantine from mid-March. As reported on 25th April by the Ministry of Health, there are 146 confirmed cases here. It has not affected us like in other countries. Some believe that it is due to our religious beliefs as people believe in preventive powers of the Buddhist prayers, and others say a previous outbreak of Elephant Flu made Myanmar more immune to coronavirus.  Most Myanmar people are pious Buddhists, they lead simple, easygoing lifestyles and there are far fewer number of people who work in corporate sectors. Majority being an agricultural society, and with preventive measures, Myanmar is doing better than we thought.  I can work from home, it doesn’t bother me much since I have always worked from home (i am a writer/director). But for the shoots, we have to see how we can go about it. I suppose we can probably restart in May. I don’t know yet. I’m hoping. Quarantine is not disruptive so much for my work, but I think it affects people’s moods when you can’t go out or use the services as usual. I’m keeping my positive vibe and hoping for the best for everyone. It is indeed a life changing experience when people are suddenly given so much time for themselves. I’m using that time to improve myself and looking for ways to help others.”