Jasmin. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Our country was hit by COVID-19 in early February. Initially, the numbers were low and at the time the government didn’t take the issue seriously and just consider as a mild condition. However, as time pass the numbers were increased up to 150 ~ 200 people per day, and our Prime Minister decided to announce ‘movement restriction control (MCO)’ The announcement was made a day before the restriction enforced, therefore, the citizen has a day to prepare for MCO. Everyone started to panic and it caused people to panic buying the essential needs. Our MCO started on the 18th March 2020, all businesses and schools are closed except for the essential services. Polices and army start to take control and strict rules/punishment enforced for those who go against the restrictions.

During MCO, some companies allow their workers to work from home such as mine but the unfortunate situation is for those who lost their job and some of them living by daily wages. This causes serious damages to their daily lives but in this situation, some of the NGOs start to work together and help those in need. Also, to help the citizens our government decided to give subsidies, even though it is not much but I can see that they’re putting some efforts. The MCO is still ongoing until today (may7) and due to everyone’s effort, the numbers are decreasing to less than 100 a day. Due to this starting from this week, the government decided to open the economy sectors, this is called Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). Our prime ministers advise that if possible allow the workers to work from home but for those who return to the office they will need to maintain the social distance. Unfortunately for me, I need to return to the office. The overall situation was able to compromised thanks to our frontline, doctors, nurses, medical workers, police officers, armies, and our prime minister and of course our Malaysian citizens who abide by the rules”.