Ivette, Elena, Diego, Leila, Enrique and Arlo. Chicago, USA
“We started our quarantine March 18, 2020, three days prior to the stay at home order in our state”. Rick, a Senior Art Director and Ivette, an Early Childhood Teacher are grateful to be able to work from home. Their children have remote learning lessons and assignments throughout the week, which has been less of a struggle only because Ivette is a teacher. “Just recently it was announced that schools will not reopen for the remainder of the school year. The sense of loss was felt by all, as the reality of not seeing friends, teachers, and missing a graduation became clear. Despite the uncertainty of it all, the disappointments and worries from the impact and disruption this virus has caused in our lives it does not outweigh the immense gratitude we feel. Gratitude that we are safe and healthy. We acknowledge that not everyone is having the same experience. It’s unsettling to think of all that are struggling, the homeless, the essential workers and their families which are affected greatly. They are in our thoughts”.