Ilaria. Viterbo, Italy

“I have been in quarantine with my partner and our 4 dogs since March 10th. We have been living in the countryside in the province of Viterbo for about a year and never as now we have realized the importance of our choice, back to nature and to a more acceptable pace of life. They all made this moment less heavy and we feel privileged compared to many other forced in the city, caged within four walls. Today the time of my first pregnancy expires, facing all this during the lockdown was not easy but in some ways it forced me to only focus on the moment, on the here and now, teaching me the value of patience and waiting, on small details: a flower, a star, the chirping of birds, the sunrise, the sunset. As a matter of fact, we are aware that dispite all, nature and life, they never give up and never stop, we just have to pay it the proper attention and care”.