Ilaria, Bruno, Samuele and Nicola. Milan, Italy

The four of them live in this apartment in the Milanese district of Lambrate. Ilaria is a journalist at ELLE Italia, works in smart-working from home; her partner Bruno, a dental technician, had to stop his activity, while her sons, Samuele, a theater student, and Nicola, a high school student, regularly follow their lessons at distance.

“We were all sick, the first symptoms coinciding with the first lockdown ordinance in Lombardy, when my sons were visiting their father for the weekend. As the symptoms disappeared, and the quarantine was over with, I managed to bring them both home. Bruno hasn’t been able to see his two children, who lived with their mother, for two months. “Like many Milanese folks affected by the Covid-19 without serious respiratory symptoms, they were unable to benefit from visits, therapies, or a diagnosis of Covid 19 by the health authorities. As many more they have had to fend for themselves. Yet they consider themselves very lucky.