Ilaria and Nina. Turin, Italy

“I state that I am privileged: I have not lost my job, I am not on layoffs, I have never stopped working since Italy has been in lockdown. Work from home, teleworking not smartworking (the difference is abysmal), since February 28 when the schools closed. To keep me company, my daughter Nina two years. I have moved to Turin for 6 years, here I have no grandparents or uncles who can help me out. Nina wakes up at 8.30 or I at 6.00 to be able to work without distractions. I admit that she is good: she knows I have to work and she lets me do it. The relationship is one hour of work and half an hour of pampering. His understanding of me, however, is not beyond guilt: leaving her in front of cartoons breaks my heart. I have to reconcile the working day with everything else: prepare breakfast / snack / lunch / snack / dinner, keep home in a dignified aspect, I can’t always smile at her. When the father is in layoffs, he passes and distracts her for a few hours. In the evening when we fall asleep embraced, I apologize millions of times for not giving her all the attention she would like. The biggest fear is that there are consequences for this lack of socialization with other children, she is used to sharing everything, exploring, conquering. I confess that in the last few days, at dusk, I take her to the river. It is that moment of peace, of contact with nature that gives her smiles that repay me for all the efforts. Everything will be fine? I do not know. Let’s go ahead, for sure. “