Héctor. Los Andes, Valle de Aconcagua, Chile

“I came back from Canada on March 27th, from that day I went back to my parents, in a studio flat next to their home, I seem to be taking steps backwards, but I am thankful for having a quiet place to stay. With Elena, my partner, we lived in a camper van in British Columbia, Canada, isolation in nature was normal and it was easier together. We had to leave Canada, each one to his country, Elena in Italy and I in Chile. This is the difficult part, living with the uncertainty of not knowing when we will meet again. I have been a lot in the outdoors and around in recent years thanks to my work (mountain guide), perhaps also thanks to this I can see Chile with a critical look, I think this is one of the countries with the most ruthless liberal capitalism in the world, where they rule for companies and businesses and not for people. And that’s why Chile has been blocked since October, with the demonstrations that were still ongoing, Covid gave the government the opportunity to penalize the movement, giving it responsibility for the drop in GDP, and the cost of material damage. And once again Chile is polarized by old policies, government obscurantism on the number of COVID-19 patients to carry on the industry, a false control that tries to lower the curve by doing less tests per day. Total quarantine in the wealthy municipalities of Santiago, and others let go, the government says no to the mayors who ask for total quarantine. In short, I believe that after the end of the Covid-19 emergency, the protest movement will continue its activities”.