Francesco and Priscilla. Arcore (Monza and Brianza), Italy

19 and 20 years old, they chose to work in a supermarket in order to move in together.

“On January 15th we finally moved to a room rented by a former high school friend of mine. Shortly after taking our first important step towards a future together, quarantine began. At first it seemed like nothing, an exaggerated reaction dictated by general panic, but the more time passed and the more we realized that we were worried about our parents, that working hours had become more and more unsustainable, that we could no longer be able to shop together. Now we can’t even go out to get some fresh air, we are stuck in a three-room apartment with 2 other people, and the only times we can poke our noses out are to go to work with our hands irritated by the sweat due to wearing latex gloves and the heat of our breath trapped in the mask. Paradoxically, however, this is fortunate, because being young we have little chance of getting seriously ill, and at least we can enjoy that half hour of “freedom” on the home-work trip. In short, starting a cohabitation in quarantine is a bit like learning to ride a bike in the hardest gear, on mud and uphill: if you can do it, riding on asphalt will be easy!”