Fiammetta, Linou, Tommaso, Grandmother Grazia and Grandfather Francesco . Sant’Apollinare, hamlet of Marsciano (Perugia), Italy

“We are in isolation in a small village in Umbria, at the grandparents’ house. Tommaso (12 years old) came here as soon as the schools were closed because Simone (his dad) and I had to work. On March 11, when the activities started to stop, I went in Umbria to take Tommaso back, with the idea of ​​sleeping over for two nights. Within three days the situation quickly got very complicated, travel was limited and while my job (I am a restorer) was gradually stopping, Simone, who works as a postman in Rome, continued to work and therefore remained at risk of contagion. All together we decided that it was preferable for us not to return to the city immediately. Now we can’t go back even if we wanted to. We are living in a sort of bubble, time here has acquired a whole other dimension (but the grandfather who has an institutional job, and although remotely perhaps he’s working more than ever).

With Tommaso we try and focus on the positive sides: we made pasta, grew a vegetable garden, built a field of rackets, but above all we are watching this strange spring in which nature is blossoming as never before. We repeat to ourselves that we are lucky, here we are enjoying space, nature, fresh air and sun; the cohabitation with Tommaso’s grandparents is more than pleasant, but the times have expanded far beyond our suitcases and predictions, and the longing for home, Dad, and our friends has grown stronger now. We know it will pass. We are diligently waiting for this situation to pass.”