Fernando. Tepotzlàn, Mexico
In Mexico schools have been closed since March 18h. For Fernando, the lockdown has started on the 24th.
Fernando works in tourist accommodation, managing a holiday home next to the one he lives in.
All reservations have been canceled and his situation is currently very uncertain. Fernando is separated with three children who spend half the week with him, and the other half with their mom. Both of Fernando’s parents are living in the Districto Federal.

“I lived in a hurry for many years and suddenly the world stops. A kind of respite that I appreciate. This extraordinary situation is an opportunity to look inside me and spend the necessary time to think, recognize me and reconnect with myself, with my children, my family and my friends. In these days I have talked more with my friends than in a whole year. Finally I have time to think, relax, rest and, above all, evaluate what I have in my life. A time to grow and trust “.