Erkan. Istanbul, Turkey

“Turkey since the first days of Covid-19 pandemic has a different road map. For example the lockdown is only for the people over 65 years or under 20. In the weekends and other public holidays they impose a curfew. The factories are operating during this quarantine but with half capacity or less. The government hand out the surgical mask free of charge to people. The economical situation in Turkey is bad. The unamployement rate is %13,8.  Turkish health minister said on Wednesday that coronavirus epidemic in Turkey is under control and added that as long as measures are followed he does not expect a new wave of infection in the country. I live alone in Istanbul and my family they are living in a small town in the Kurdish part of Turkey. I used to travel once or twice a month due to my job but I can’t now. I’m an Industrial engineer and now I’m working as export area manager in a big factory. Also I’m a translator in Persian-Turkish-Kurdish languages and have published 3 books. In this quarantine days I have started my new book. It’s a good opportunity to use this much spare time. I don’t think we could have such spare time again. so let’s redeem the time.  I go to my office 2 or 3 days a week as other colleagues do, and then I have 4 days for myself”.