Emanuele. Milan, Italy

Doctor for Emergency.

“At the beginning of the lockdown I read this on Facebook: ‘Quarantine is not the same for everyone, but it’s a class issue’. I understood its meaning when, during my daily work on our mobile clinic in Milan, I could not tell a patient to stay at home, as he did not have one, or to update himself on the Coronavirus, because he couldn’t charge his phone whenever needed so he wouldn’t turn it on every day. Since the beginning of April, however, I have been working in the Covid-19 response team and I have been monitoring the facilities that give shelter to homeless, migrants and unaccompanied foreign minors. There you have a place to physically isolate yourself, yet you don’t have room to isolate yourself. My job gives me the opportunity to go out and be together with other people, but when I get home I understand how freedom is also having a space where you can be alone and at peace with yourself “.