Elisa. Madrid, Spain

Elisa (25) is a Spanish writer. She lives in London and is currently studying a MA at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.  

“I left the UK after Johnson said he wouldn’t take serious action to fight COVID-19 and that he would advocates for the economy before human lives. It was a tricky journey to Spain, but I came back to Madrid twenty days ago now. All these days I’ve been in self-isolation as the rest of the people. I can’t help living with the anguish of what it is happening right now globally, but I feel privileged because I have a house, I have an internet connection, books, a TV and many other things that don’t let me complain about anything. The situation is complicated and dramatic; there’s no doubt about it. As a society, we have to learn about our priorities. Every morning I text my friends a message saying “a day less” and I’ll keep doing it until the text changes to “I’ll see you tomorrow” because, in the end, hope works really well when your mind tries to fuck you up”.