Ekaterina and Roman. Moscow, Russia

Lockdown Moscow started on March, 30.

“I’m a TV-journalist, I work for a program about film industry. We had to re-shape our show completely, now all the interviews with movie-stars are made in videochat. Roman, my future husband, works in IT (Information Technology), he’s been working from home for almost a month now. The official lockdown ends April, 30. Our wedding is planned a week later, we hope it won’t be cancelled. People can marry in the cityhall even now, but just a short official ceremony with no guests (no photographer, no parents). This is what we actually wanted, no big celebration, just the two of us. Today we’ve ordered wedding rings on a website. We started to live under one roof after our engagement, just a few weeks before lockdown. Now we know, what sticking together really is like, but we are happy. Roman says that this is our honeymoon. I hope, we’ll have a proper one someday”.