Cosimo, Antonio Claudio (2), Giuseppina (grandmother), Irene (6), Giulia and Martino Francesco (3 months). Rome, Italy

The family has been in quarantine for about a month.“110 square meters can be many, in an apartment but it depends on your point of view, or on how many people inhabit the apartment and – above all – their ages. As a parent, I understood that finding the positive side even in complicated situations is the only way that allows you to face all the difficulties that we often find ourselves dealing with with our children, and this is one of them. Our chaotic lives often make us lose the sense of reality, not giving us the opportunity to get to know our children in depth. The forced coexistence, as some sort of The Big Brother, puts us in front of everyone’s fragility, but also in front of the strength that allows us to put up with the slow passing of the weeks. We, as parents, have turned into teachers, identifying ourselves in the role not only on a didactic, but also on an emotional level. Grandmother helps with the organization of domestic tasks. Thanks to her experience, she now also has an important role in appeasing the edgniness that can often emerge. The brothers spend a lot of time together and, between a fight and a game, they give you the joyful feeling of an overcrowded quarantine. Not boring, for sure! “