Claudia and Alberto. Bergamo, Italy

Claudia, from Rome, is a self-employed physiotherapist. Her activity in rehab centers has stopped since lockdown began, but it had already slowed down in the previous weeks. At home, she tries to keep herself active by exercising.

Alberto is a self-emplyed carpenter, who rented a workshop where he just invested in innovative machinery, but he has not been able to go back to the carpentry workshop. As he cannot interact with both clients and suppliers, his work has been on hold for about a month. At home, he spends most of his time working on the PC in order to design his future works.

“We have been isolated since March 9th, but two weeks earlier the first restrictions were ordered. The for many days we just heard sirens and sad news from relatives and friends. On March 19th, they all became aware of the situation here, after they saw the queue of army trucks bringing the coffins away, as they were too many to handle here, and we d  many phone calls from worried acquaintances. Nowadays, there are over 9,000 people who tested positive to the Covid-19. Now the place is silent, without traffic, industries and airplanes. The air is getting better on many levels.

We met through our previous works: Claudia used to be a dancer and I played electronic music. Usually our current jobs absorve all the energies we could dedicate to the Arts. Now, we want to take the opportunity to spend the lockdown rediscovering our passions”.