Chiharu. Singapur

From Japan reside in Singapore for 20yrs.

“Upon COVID-19 break-out, Singapore government announced ‘Circuit breaker(CB)’ measure to control the situation on 7 April. Since then, major entertainment venues, restaurants & bars, shops have been closed. And, we should stay home without visiting anybody and are only allowed to go out for grocery shopping or exercise at neighbourhood. If you don’t follow this measure, say not wearing mask outside or not keep a social distance of 1m, you will be fined S$300(about US$200) on the spot.  It’s a typical way of the government to manage things in order here. CB period has been extended till 1 June( supposed to be end 4 May).
Singapore government has been doing a good job and the number of infected people is declining. We still have 700-800 cases everyday as announced, but more than 95% is foreign workers who are construction workers and living in dormitories. They have been all isolated with a good care now. (Over 300,000 foreign workers mainly from India or Bangladesh).

During this period, I’ve learned how to take care of myself mentally and physically better. I’ve started baking sourdough bread, doing yoga every day, and taking a long walk at a nature reserve in my neighbourhood, sending a note to long time out of touch friends, those are my new habits to make me feel good. Thank for the digital technology to make things easier than ever, and I realized how much I’ve wasted my time and money before, commuting to office (even only twice a week), putting useless make-up on, meeting with not so enjoyable company for dinner, etc. To make our economy revive, we should consume again. But hope we can do it wisely, pruning away superfluities.  That’s also the best we can do for the sustainable future”: