Chiara, Rosanna and Agata. Casorate Primo (Pavia), Italy

Rosanna (70) retired after 50 years working in a cured meat grocery, lives upstairs in a little villa in a small town in the province of Pavia, Casorate Primo.

Chiara (43), photographer, lives on the ground floor with Agata, the only one who appreciates the quarantine as she gets to spend 24 hours a day with her owner.

“I have been locked down at home since March 9t, and my mom since February 27th. I only go out to buy groceries once a week, wearing a mask and disposable gloves, but I avoid the only supermarket – way too crowded and with queues – choosing small shops instead, even though only a few are still open.

To occupy our time, we wrote down a to-do-list for the next few weeks: tending the garden by cutting the grass, arranging flowers, pruning plants and olive trees (thanks YouTube tutorial!), emptying the cellar in order to reorganize it. We have also given ourselves rules regarding our food: it has to be healthy, and we have to empty our pantry, canned food and freezer. The same applies to wine: why keeping precious bottles for great occasions? Now we uncork one every Sunday, or when we feel like it. As for the rest, we are resisting at home, being patient and hoping that no one we care for – even if they are far away – gets sick. After all. we just have to stay at home and enjoy the unexpected spare time, while the work will return to normality just like everything else “.