Chiara (33), Mandy (40) and her mother Pamela (79). Lincolnshire, UK

The couple left the tiny London flat before the official lockdown (they didn’t feel safe given the government’s initial lack of response) and joined Pamela’s home in the countryside. 

“We’ve been here for six weeks and we are fully aware to be in a privileged position. We are in a beautiful spacious place where we can walk in nature without restrictions and Pamela who is usually alone is very happy to have company. Except for those moments when we worry for our people, we are happy and calm. No pressure. No expectation. We had important plans this year but we’ve put everything on hold and we are making peace with it”. 

Mandy is a humanitarian aid worker, she normally travels half of the time but she is continuing her work from home. Chiara’s work as a photographer has dried up but she is busy with online courses and is absolutely loving to have Mandy by her side. It is the first time they have a proper routine together.