Caridad, Cari and Rosa. San Fernando (Cadiz), Spain

“My mother and Rosa (my mother’s caregiver) came to Cadiz where I spend the carnival period in late February, because here the carnival is very famous and fun. They live in Madrid and were already here when the Covid 19 emergency broke out in early March. Suddenly I found myself living with my mother – we have been living together for almost two months now – and in isolation. Day after day I see with horror what is going on in the world, especially in nursing homes. It is difficult to live with an elderly person who has reduced faculties, even more so if she’s your mother. My work as a writer and researcher and my family have been overshadowed. The days fly by between yoga classes, talking with my grandchildren by video conference, designing dishes from various cuisines and a little dance. I am working very little on my articles. I am grateful that Rosa also came for carnival and that now she does not want to return to Madrid as she fears the virus, and I share with her the following of the terrible situation in which her family finds herself in her hometown, Guayaquil, in Ecuador. Nothing will be as it used to be before. Nothing should be like before.”