Calvin. Oakland, USA

“I’ve been sheltering in place since March 9th with my wife, Leila and baby boy, Malik who was just a little over 3 months old when the pandemic reached California. We were making the most of staying home, staying joyful and staying organized to support the efforts to cancel evictions, moratorium on rent, eliminate student debt, and expand healthcare for all! But on the morning of April 24th, we received horrible news that my step-dad died suddenly & unexpectedly of cardiac arrest while sheltering in place with my mother in Alabama (over two thousand miles away). In the uncertainties of this crisis, my family was unable to safely travel across country to attend the funeral with my mom and younger siblings. Instead, we joined virtually for dignified service for a dignified man I was proud to call dad. My moments with my son Malik – all of his laughs, cries, smiles and love – continue to refuel my joy and passion for justice even in the midst of mourning. Since my Dad’s passing, I have received a call or text to pass condolences from my comrades and community – and sometimes with the tragic news that they, too, lost a loved one or suffered tragedy. My Facebook timeline looks like a daily obituary and healing circle… But still we rise, and the people continue to organize for solidarity and survival. All of our loved ones deserve a just and healthy world. And I believe one will emerge if we organize with the people we have been entrusted to love and protect”.