Amanda, Giuliano and Arianna. Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

“We have been living in Northern Ireland since 2015, in lockdown at home since March 19th. We’re between the lucky ones who can work from home, so our daily routine isn’t really changed that much – if anything, our cat is happy to constantly have us around, now.

The most surreal aspect of this pandemic, as seen from here, has been watching as it spread across Europe while most governments still thought China and Italy were the main and only country facing this epidemic: a slow motion cycle of the same assumptions, mistakes, countermeasures. But living abroad also makes it easier, for us, to adapt to the surge of video calls, quick phone calls and all modern ways of “touching base” with your loved ones. It’s one of the few ways you can let them know, even far away, that you’re with them in this emergency times. Meanwhile, we can only work on imagining what the new normal is going to be, aware that it’s what we all considered normal in the past that led us all, in random order, in front of this challenge”.