Alice, Mattia, Cesare and Anita. Rome, Italy

Alice, Mattia, Cesare and Anita in their apartment during the Italian lockdown. Mattia has not been attending school since March 5th, and the whole family is on lockdown since March 8th. Alice is a TV author, at the moment she’s on maternity leave as Anita is two months old. Cesare’s work is on hold: he’s a drummer for many musical projects and all of his concerts have been cancelled.

“Anita, our second-born, was born a little while before the lockdown. SHe certainly spent most of her life inside the house than outside and she has only met her uncles, aunts and grandparents through a PC screen. We are living this experience as a unique occasion for the creation of the new 4-people ménage and we are also watching the brothers create a beautiful relationship”.