Ilya, Alessandra and Amelia. St. Petersburg, Russia

“We have been in lockdown since March 30th. In Russia the situation is strange, President Putin does not often speak to the nation and the speeches he makes are not speeches that come from the heart, they are aseptic and watery, and which delegate the whole emergency to regional ministers and governors. He behaves as a king who commands to resolve the situation, and if not done, will consider the negligence of ministers as a crime, a nice strategic move to clean his hands. The government’s response for help to people who have lost their jobs, or a subsidy for families to overcome the crisis was simple: the state has no money and then there would be too many shrewd people who would like to take advantage of it. All this at the gates of a referendum on the modification of the Russian constitution that would allow Vladimir Putin to remain in government until death separates us. For us who are an artistic family (Director, composer and small impromptu plague) lately there is a wave of inspiration, desire to do and also to risk, because when you have lost almost everything you have two choices: to depress you on the sofa (we artists we are very specialized in this), or get involved again, but even wiser. At this moment the desire rises that when all this ends, not to live as before the pandemic. We want to fight for our ideals and hope that this worldwide reset has not been useless. Hoping that the Russian people will wake up from the great Putinian sleep and Italy will recover in dignity from the pandemic, boys! Everything will be fine only if we all work together to make it happen. “