Alberto. Madrid, Spain 

“As soon as the lockdown was instituted, I started to feel bad. It was mid-March. In a short time, everything got worse: the fever rose to 39 degrees, the pain spread throughout the body, the lungs gave way.(?) After five days I had to go to the hospital. Medicines and rest were not enough. There I found the collapse that was being talked about on television. The emergency rooms were overflowing. I had to wait with dozens of people for tests that confirmed pneumonia and the need for hospitalization. I spent eight days in the covid treatment and the following 14 days in isolation. On April 14, I finished the quarantine. I had yet to remain at home, but a new phase was beginning. Also, by working as a journalist I am now allowed to go to work. So I experienced this health crisis in several stages and I see that the “new normal” that is announced already awakens the lost joy “.