Abdessamad. Fqih Ben Salah, Morocco

21 years old, embedded systems engineering student.

“My country went as well on the containment as a part of its precautious measures to stop the virus spread. 40 days of lockdown till now, and it’s been hard for us. It was sudden. It’s as if you take someone’s freedom and put him in a jail. You are not supposed to go out unless you have a “going-out license” that is not given to anyone, but only for those who have to go to work, or those that are responsible of their whole family. They keep telling us everywhere (on the TV, on the radio, on social media…) to keep calm and live as normally as we can locked in our houses until we overcome this exceptional situation. But we can’t. Personally, I can’t live normally as if nothing’s going on, for two simple reasons. First, I’m scared of the way and the speed the virus is spreading worldwide, and that’s a feeling, I guess, we all share. And secondly, I don’t like being at home at all. The lockdown would be a thousand times better for me if it was in the school dorms, in Rabat, than in my home. At least, there we could go out inside the school fences. And there are enough activities I could do just inside those fences. I could play football there, go for jogging, or playing basketball. And I could work easily on my school projects, thanks to the fast internet service and to the facilities offered there. Anyways, it’s much better than home. I feel like that my life balance has changed. And it’s a change for the worse, of course. I used to be an active person. I go out once in a while, spend some time socializing, or exercising. I no more do any of this. I hope there will be a solution for this situation in the whole world. Life’s already hard, and it’s harder with a life-threatening virus hanging in the air”.